We Picked this piano up from a home that had just suffered a devestating fire.  It was the only item in the home that was saved.  To see more of this pianos restoration click on the images below.

These are just a few of the instruments we have restored over the years.  Visit our Facebook page to see more.  Or you can always stop in and see what we are elbows deep in today.

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"Couldn't be happier with our restoration! Absolutely love it. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and the end result is stunning." ~Chris Carlson . . . . . . . . "Ackerman's ROCKS. I LOVE MY PIANO!" ~Noelle Lowrie . . . . . . ."Kudos to the Ackerman team for beautifully restoring our 1913 Kimball player piano and installing the computer system. They are great people to work with!" ~Mike Wilcox . . . . . . . ."I have a Chickering & Son's piano and would love to get it restored!" ~Connie Lehn Herzog . . . . . . .
This Family was looking to have something to remember their Grandmother with.  After getting together with the whole family they decided that Grandmothers prized piano would be the best heirloom out of the choices they had at hand.  They have many fond memories of their Grandma's "sing alongs", and they plan to continue this tradition with their children.
This Piano had a good time out in the rain when its owners home got hit by a Tornado.  It wasn't until years later that the piano finally got brought into the shop for restoration.
This collector had done his research and after much deliberation finally came to the conclusion that Ackerman's was the right place for the job.  And a big job it was.
If I had a Nickle
This Piano had been sitting in their basement, and when they had us out to investigate it, they were shocked to learn of its value.  Shortly after our visit they made the decision to have the instrument restored for resale.
The owner of this piano had been storing this piano in a barn, and unbeknownst to them it had become a home to some unruley farm cats, and had been the home to several litters.
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