Thank you for visiting our website and giving us an opportunity to show you what we have for sale.  Below you will find a list of our hand picked restored instruments.  All of the instruments on this page are either in the process of being  restored for resale, or have already been restored and are ready for delivery.  

     All of our Restored Instruments have a 5 year parts and labor warranty.  We stand behind our work, and believe that you will enjoy our efforts for generations to come.

Serial #: 93540

Year: RARE1899

Finish:  Hand rubbed Ebony Satin.

Bench:  The purchase of this piano includes a
     matching artist bench.

About the Piano:  This piano is undergoing restoration.
     This image to the right is a placeholder.

Original List:  $54,000.00

Discounted Price:  While restoration work is underway 
     we will be willing to sell the instrument for only
     $48,000.00.  However, once the restoration is
     complete the asking price will be the Original listing

Steinway B

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Steinway B
Steinbraeber & Sohne
Steinbraeber & Sohne
Steinbraeber & Sohne
Serial #: 7461

Year:  1896

Finish:  Hand rubbed Ebony flat.

Bench:  Comes with a similar artist bench

​About the Piano:  This piano is undergoing restoration.

Original List:  $26,000.00

Discounted Price:  While this instrument is finishing its restoration the listed price will be $19,000.00.  When the work has been completed this piano will be priced at the Original list price.

Steingraeber & Sohne